HORTUS VENEZIA concept is to interconnect certain historical gardens and natural urban zones of Venice with a network of active installations. 

The Hortus circuit is to envision the relation of urban realities and nature in new angles.

Creating a new vision and stream of ideas, investing into the present and future of Venice’s neglected green spaces by repurposing and interconnecting them from a local to an international perspective.



daucus carrota

daucus carrota


.Supporting freedom within a Framework

A common base of targets and guidelines to act in sustainability and ensure the highest level of best practice reached, while letting each actor create the specific solutions most relevant to its field by taking natural, local and social ressources into account and understanding where impacts are.

.Empowering imagination

This means spurring actor to innovate with processes that have more positive social and environmental impact, while ensuring they stay true to their own identity and valuesto develop knowledgeable decision making process and steer strategy and structure in a responsible way.

.Going beyond social compliance

Social sustainability encompasses attention on working conditions and the need to preserve work in the state of art. 

In other words supporting protagonists so that they meet the standards laid out in our code of conduct.

Measuring the environment foot print and translating the values and performance of the project in a socio economical frame.